Arawak, exotic flavoured rums

Fruits Flavoured Rums possesses aromas of an extreme subtlety.

Worried of expressing all the nuances, Arawak developed a range with a very specific process : the accurate choice of its fruits, a slow and natural maceration, an agricultural rum selected of Guadeloupe.

Fresh fruits are immediately cut and bottled, this gives typical taste to our products.

Available in 70 CL 32% VOL. in several flavors :

Pineapple & Bourbon Vanilla . Passion fruit & Pineapple . Pineapple & Coconut . Mango & Pineapple . Guava & Passion fruit . Mango & Passion fruit . Banana & Strawberry . Strawberry & Thai basil . Raspberry & Litchi . Mojito & Raspberry . Ginger & Lime

Arawak Flavoured Rums are ideal chilled on the rocks but bring also a lot of elegance and originality to your cocktails

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