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Fineness of pure cane juice

The Arawak 50 Premium agricole white Rum is made from two varieties of sugar cane,
the “blue” cane and the “red” cane. These varieties from Guadeloupe (FWI) have been
carefully selected and are recognized for their aromatic power.

70 cl . 50% vol.

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Floral power of cane

Nose : aromatic, reveals notes of fresh canes
Palate : soft feel and balanced, notes of citrus fruits

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The best way to taste Arawak 50 Premium white Rum is …

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In a glass :
1 tbsp. brown sugar or cane syrup
3 pieces of fresh lime

Crush slowly.
Add 2 Oz (6 CL) Arawak 50 Premium white Rum.
Decorate with a slice of lime …

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